Books and the Beach


I’ve been spending more time at the beach these days and discovering all kinds of new places that don’t involve surfboards or bad pina coladas. The latest is a great little bookstore about four blocks from the Hermosa Beach pier. Known as Bard Street bookstore (it’s at 1309 Bard St., just off Pier Avenue), it sells leftover inventory from the local library and is run by volunteers. It’s everything you would want in a used bookstore — well-organized, pleasantly cluttered and full of great finds. So far, we have scored big with several Calvin & Hobbes books (for Jack), a Barbara Pym hardcover (for me), and a ridiculous amount of dinosaur books for Theo. Prices average 50 cents for paperbacks and a buck or two for hardcovers, plus there’s a rack of free books for the taking just outside the door.

The only downside is its limited hours: Mondays from 9 am to noon and the third Saturday of every month. On a recent visit, customers included locals who seems to consider a stop here a Monday ritual and a couple visiting from Saskatchewan, Canada, who were preparing to take an armful of books back home. I like to think that as temperatures hit freezing up there, they are huddled under blankets reading their books and thinking of Hermosa Beach and its charming little bookshop.


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