Finding peace at Disneyland

It may be the happiest place on earth, but it certainly isn’t the quietest. Yet Disneyland came pretty close to being downright peaceful this past weekend. I think we hit it at the right time — just after the start of school and before the Halloween festivities rev up. Lines were short for most attractions (except, of course, Peter Pan!) and we walked right up to the 9 p.m. World of Color show and found a pretty good viewing spot near the Rocketships ride.

I also found a peaceful place to hide out in California Adventure when the crowds do get crazy. During my book presentations, I sometimes get asked if I know of any tranquil spots to seek out at Disney. To be honest, I usually just write off the whole day as decidedly UNPEACEFUL, but I do like the alley near the exit to Pirates of the Caribbean for a quick breather. There’s a small nook with a staircase that leads to a Cast Members Only sign, and the area below the stairs is usually deserted.

This weekend I discovered an even quieter place: the waterfront sitting area under the Silly Symphony Swings ride. You can’t see it easily from the main thoroughfare, but it’s spacious with lots of benches and has a terrific view of Paradise Bay. Theo and I had the place to ourselves (except for one furiously texting man) while Jack and his dad rode the swings. A nice respite from Goofy, et al.

p.s. Jack took his first ride on Thunder Mountain Railroad, and deemed it “just a little bit too scary.” He seemed proud that he survived though.

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