The beach in April

What to do during spring vacation on a day that temperatures hit 80? Go to the beach! We chose Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro for its easy parking setup and straight drive down the 110. The unsettling sight of 15 school buses greeted us, but most were there for the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, and the beach itself was fairly peaceful. A tip: Walk a few extra yards to the beach on the other side of the bathhouse. The water is clearer and cleaner with more waves than the beach that faces the San Pedro harbor. It was Theo’s first trip to the beach as a walker and he had a blast. He couldn’t get enough of the water.

After two hours of beach time, we walked over to the aquarium (the school groups were gone by then) and spent a half hour checking out the giant crustaceans and whale bones. It’s a super little museum, and only asks for a small donation. All in, we spent $9, including parking.

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