The Toy Playground

We discovered a great new playground today. It’s on the grounds of the Buena Vista Branch Library in Burbank. Its best assets are that it’s completely enclosed and it’s full of big plastic toys (trucks, buckets, shovels) donated by parents who are probably sick of tripping over them in their own yards. Besides the toys, there’s a toddler-friendly jungle gym, slides, etc., all surrounded by sand. Jack and his pals turned a toy truck upside down, pretended it was an oven, and proceeded to fill it with cake ingredients like “baking soda” and “chocolate”. The downsides: it’s on the small side (though in a way that makes it feel like you’re at a big birthday party where you don’t anyone well), and there is no shade in the sitting areas on the perimeter.

Another reason to come here: the library hosts a better-than-average preschool storybook time on Tuesdays. They run a bubblemaking machine for the kids before starting, then sing songs in between the storytelling to keep them engaged. For Jack, the best part is the short animated film they show at the end, which is followed by a crafts project. Maybe some day he’ll be excited by arts and crafts, but right now he’s showing my (low) level of talent and interest in that area!

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