Sierre Madre (backtracking)

Sierre Madre is a small town east of Pasadena with a pretty walkable main street. Last week, we headed over there, figuring it would be a low-key activity that wouldn’t require much brain power (yes, we’re still struggling through the twin bed transition).

We parked on the main street for free, then I picked up some coffee at Beantown and we walked a couple of blocks to Memorial Park off Hermosa Avenue. There’s a playground there that’s ideal for the 2-5 age group — no swings or slides, but a big sandbox and lots of little vehicles (rockets, tractors, train) to climb in and around. Best of all, it’s shaded by huge old orange and magnolia trees.

A couple of other highlights: There’s a kids’ store with an nice Thomas the Train setup near the corner of Baldwin and Sierra Madre Avenues.  If Jack had his way, we would have spent the rest of the day there. A few blocks’ north of the main street is a small citrus farm and canning factory called E. Waldo Ward. Much of the farm is gone, but there’s a tiny gift shop that sells things like pickled kumquats and orange marmalade.

The town itself has plenty of independent restaurants, none of which I’m dying to try. But it would be easy to spend half a day here shopping, eating, and soaking up the mountain views.


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