Welcome to my travel blog (redux)

When I moved to southern California twenty years ago, I would get giddy with anticipation every time I read the calendar sections of the L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly. There were so many things to do — you could hike up a mountain in the middle of Hollywood, then go and hear Dennis Hopper introduce a screening of “Rebel Without a Cause,” then find yourself eating vegan meatloaf next to Madonna at a place owned by the guy who created Rugrats. I’d  hyperventilate just thinking about it all. But a 10-to-7 job and a newcomer’s fear of 20-lane freeways kept me from doing justice to all there was to offer. Then I got friendly with my Thomas Guide, wrote lots of travel stories for Sunset Magazine and the Washington Post, had a baby, and published two hiking guides to Southern California.

Now that baby is a teenager and prefers mountain biking to hiking. He also has a dog and a brother. The dog joins me for hikes more than the kids do these days, and the pandemic has changed the way we all do pretty much everything. My posts going forward will reflect that, so expect more challenging hikes in more isolated places as I find myself with more time and inclination to avoid crowds and climb mountains.

Thanks, as always, for dropping by…

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